Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm so behind.....

Ok, so I know I have slacked for the last few months! Deak and I have both been in school full time, and switching off taking care of Kaed :) But it's finally OVER!! and Now we're getting ready to move next week...haha the craziness never stops! But things are going great for our little family. Like I said we just finished school. I am absolutly LOVING nursing school and have made some great friends that help out along the way, and Deak really seemed to enjoy his classes and he did great! Kaed is growing us so fast! He just turned 9 months on the 15th, and he's been crawling now for almost 2 months now! And he's going to be walking in no time!

We are super excited to be moving!! So once we've gotten everything moved over and settled into our new place, I'll post pictures!!


  1. SO good to hear that all is going well! Good luck with your move! We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and that Santa finds Kaed:)

  2. Good thing you said you were going to post pictures, you would have been in BIG trouble;-) I suppose I should just be grateful you even updated! SO happy we are going to be neighbors- I will come over lots to borrow eggs and Cheez-its~ HA!

  3. Hopefully youre not moving far!? Oh, if you need any help, my husband is a great mover! I hope you and Deak can enjoy your time off, Love you!!