Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Deaks Early Birthday

So I know Deak's birthday isn't until the 24th, but I figured that since he is a Baker aka baseball FREAK, that I would get some tickets to a Diamondbacks game. Since we've been together diamondback games are one thing we really come to enjoy doing together, especially since I've had Deak sitting next to me explaining every detail and rule that comes into play, that and just the fact that he's sitting next to me! :)

So this is the view from our seats. I definatly paid a little more then we normally do when we go to the games, but I figured what the heck since it was his birthday present. The last game we went to I kept noticing all the foul balls kept going up to this one section on the 2nd floor, so I thought it might be fun to sit up here... and I'm so glad we did!!!

So I have to say, probably my favorite part about baseball games aside from yelling out stupid things at the top of my lungs, is the food! And I was so excited this time, because I had made up my mind ahead of time that I was going to get nachos this game, which is a special treat because they are freaking $5.75.... and definatly not worth it! But anyways! So, in the bottom of the 1st inning, I left Deak watching the game, and I decided to make my way to the concessions before the game got too interesting- and of course I picked the totally wrong line, because I was behind the one guy that wanted 1 of everything on the menu! But finally, I got my nachos and headed back to our seats. So as I got up to our seats, I was kinda surprised to see a couple of the people sitting around us noticing me, laughing and looking over at Deak. And let me tell you, I was even more surprised when all of a sudden I saw Deak hold up a ball and smile..... He had caught a foul ball!! and I miss it for really bad, over priced nachos.......

So aside from the dissappointment of missing him catch the ball, it was still exciting because the night we were there, there was only one foul ball in our section, AND DEAK GOT IT!! :) Definatly made me feel good, since it was his birthday n all!!

I do have to say this was by far the most exciting, fun game we've been too yet, and it definatly helped that the Diamondbacks kicked the marlins butts- 5 to 1!! Woop Woop!!



Thursday, July 2, 2009


Well, I figured that I would finally get this thing up and going like I've told everyone I would! We have been married for 2 months now, TODAY! Can you believe it?? Time has gone by so quickly, but things have never been better!!

So now thing's are going to start slowing down a bit, I hope! We were fortunate enough to have 2 seperate receptions, that turned out beautiful!! We had our first on May 30, in Mom and Dad Hale's backyard in Gilbert, and then we just recently had our 2nd one on June 27th at the Heritage Hall in Snowflake.

We were able to have the majority of our family in town, which was especially nice for Mom Baker, she'll be greatful to finally get the dog off her wall! haha However, we did miss the Jonthan and Christina Hale family from back in Missouri!

We were finally able to get our wedding formals back yesterday, and I am very excited to say that they turned out beautiful! I've been stressing for the past couple weeks that they were going to be hideous, and was so relieved when we got them!! Thank you Brian and Cami, you guys are awesome!!